Code of Conduct on Sports Betting for Athletes

The guiding principles:

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You need to make sure you know the rules on sports betting. They might change from one season to another. If you don’t understand then ask « your player association » to explain.

Being charged with a betting offense can ruin your career and will harm your reputation forever


It is just as serious to fix the smallest part of a match as it is to fix the world championship

If you fix once you will be forever trapped by the match fixers


A failure to report approaches is an offense that can lead to long bans.

Match fixers will try to trap you slowly through gifts and favors, be careful with your sporting environment and entourage.


And you must not ask anyone else to bet for you

Betting companies and national betting regulators have sophisticated monitoring systems to catch cheats. If you place a bet you will appear on their radar/system.

Your phone and computer can be taped by the police and may be used as evidence


It’s an offense to pass on your knowledge to people who might use it for gambling

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Laws & Regulations


From our national regulations the following is stated in regard to match fixing:

Summay of Law


  • 11-4 Acts/omissions subject to penal measures

(1) Penal measures pursuant to these provisions may be imposed if an individual or an organisational unit:

  1. a) violates NIF’s or NIF’s organisational units’ rules or decisions,
  2. b) exerts unlawful violence, commits sexual abuse or sexual harassment or otherwise behaves dishonestly or improperly,
  3. c) violates the special rules regarding manipulation of competitions in § 11-20-3,

§ 11-20 Special Rules Regarding Manipulation of Competitions

§ 1-20-1. Scope etc.

(1) The provisions of chapter 11 shall apply insofar as appropriate. In case of conflict and interpretation the special rules in § 11-20 shall have precedence.
(2) NIF and its organisational units shall recognize legally binding decisions given in accordance with the “Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions” (the Code).
(3) The executive board of NIF may adopt regulations pursuant to the Code.

§ 11-20-2. Definitions

Benefit: the direct or indirect receipt or provision of money or the equivalent such as, but not limited to, bribes, gains, gifts and other advantages including, without limitation, winnings and/or potential winnings as a result of a wager; the foregoing shall not include official prize money, appearance fees or payments to be made under sponsorship or other contracts.
Competition: any sports competition, tournament, match or event, organised in accordance with the rules of an organisational unit in NIF oranother sports organisation that NIF or NIF’s organisational units are affiliated to.
Inside Information: information relating to any competition that a person possesses by
virtue of his or her position in relation to a sport or competition, excluding any information already published or common knowledge, easily accessible to interested members of the public.
Participant: Persons and organisational units as defined in § 11-3.

Sports betting, bet or betting: any wager of a stake of monetary value in the expectation of a prize of monetary value, subject to a future and uncertain occurrence related to a sports competition.

§ 11-20-3. Acts/omissions subject to penal measure

(1) The following acts and omissions may be penalized according to this chapter:
a) Participation in Sports Betting, Bet or Betting related to a Competition where the
person in question is a Participant.
b) Improper alteration of the result or the course of a sports competition in order to remove all or part of the unpredictable nature of the sports competition with a view to obtaining an undue benefit for oneself or for others in a way that is in violation with NIFs rules and values.
c) Providing, requesting, receiving, seeking, or accepting a benefit related to the manipulation of a competition.
d) Using Inside Information for the purposes of Betting, any form of manipulation of sports competitions or any other purposes in violation with NIF’s rules or values, for the benefit of oneself or others.
e) Disclosure of Inside Information where the Participant knew or should have known that such disclosure might lead to the information being used for the purposes of Betting, manipulation of competitions or any other objective in violation with NIFs rules.
f) Giving and/or receiving a Benefit for the provision of Inside Information regardless of whether any Inside Information is actually provided.
g) Failure to report to the organisational unit concerned or a higher ranking organisational unit, at the first available opportunity, full details of any approaches or invitations received by the Participant to engage in conduct or incidents that could amount to a violation of § 11-20.
h) Failure to report to the organisational unit concerned or a higher ranking organisational unit, at the first available opportunity, full details of any incident, fact or matter that has constituted or may constitute a violation of these rules. This includes information that comes to the attention, or should have come to the attention, of the person in question regarding approaches or invitations that have been received by other persons to engage in conduct that could amount to a violation of these rules.
i) Failure to cooperate with any investigation carried out by an organisational unit in relation to a possible breach of § 11-20, including, without limitation, failing to provide accurately, completely and without undue delay any information and/or documentation and/or access or assistance requested by any organisational unit conducting such investigation.
j) Obstructing or delaying any investigation that may be carried out by an organizational unit in relation to a possible violation of § 11-20, including without limitation concealing, tampering with or destroying any documentation or other information that may be relevant to the investigation.
(2) For the determination of whether a violation has been committed, the following are not relevant:
a. Whether or not the Participant is participating in the Competition concerned.
b. Whether or not the outcome of the Competition on which the Bet was made or intended to be made.
c. Whether or not any Benefit or other consideration was actually given or received.
d. The nature or outcome of the Bet.
e. Whether or not the Participant’s effort or performance in the Competition concerned were (or could be expected to be) affected by the acts or omission in question.
f. Whether or not the result of the Competition concerned was (or could be expected to be) affected by the acts or omission in question;
g. Whether or not the manipulation included a violation of a technical rule of the respective Sports Organisation;
h. Whether or not the competition was attended by a representative of NIF, an International Federation or a National Federation.

§ 11-20-4. Provisional Suspension

If a person on a balance of probability is suspected of violating § 11-20-3 and the reputation of sports may be hurt, the adjudication body may decide to provisionally suspend the person in question. A provisional suspension may be decided for up to two months at a time. Furthermore, § 11-9 (2) and (3) applies.


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